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Yoga is much more than the practice of postures. Other aspects involve our growth in terms of living intelligently with a deeper understanding of universal laws, developing focus, memory, discernment, will-power, gratitude and self-confidence among other qualities.

The Vedas are considered the source texts of Yoga and the store house of knowledge, which through study, practice, contemplation and understanding help us with a more complete yogic development. A practice based approach to studying the Vedas is the ancient art of Veda recitation.

At Veda Studies, we believe that you should not always have to invest in travel and time spent in India to study. And that you should have easy access to good quality teachings on a day-to day basis for long term study.

We help aspirants to learn the most important Veda mantras from anywhere in the world at their own pace with accurate text, detailed teachings and guidance on how to practice.

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Shantala Sriramaiah – Founder, Vedastudies.com

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Learn Vedic Chanting From Home

Study Veda chanting online as if you were there

Besides the chanting lessons directly with the teacher, you can listen and watch recordings from the live Veda classes we teach weekly in Brussels.

This way, you can practice your Veda chanting as if you were with us and observe some best practices and how to overcome common mistakes made by students.

Step-by-step teaching

All our training is highly structured and taught step-by-step so that learning is effective and you can monitor your progress easily. For example, a hymn that takes about 3 minutes to recite has been broken down into 5 lessons – each with multiple learning resources.

Audio, video and text materials

Each course comes with video introductions and explanations, audio lessons for chanting and downloadable text for meaning so that you can learn using the medium that works best for you.

Assignment and feedback system

An important element of studying chanting is to receive feedback. To maintain the rigor of the study you can submit a recording and receive comprehensive feedback so that you can keep improving your practice.

Learn correct pronunciation with the Veda Studies System

Over the years, we developed our own method for accurate understanding of Vedic phonetics. This will help you best understand the sounds in the way they are transmitted in the oral tradition by Vedic pundits.

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