Online Veda Recitation & Study

Structured, step by step recitation and spiritual meaning of important Veda mantras.

Benefits of Online Veda Studies


Learn at your own pace

Take the time you need to learn the recitation in a detailed way, understanding the grammar involved in the pronunciation. Study in a structured way without having to keep up with a group class. You don’t need to learn too many mantras or hymns. It is much more important to study them correctly and joyously. 


Prepare for a teacher

If you happen to be traveling to India or elsewhere to study Veda recitation or mantra, educate yourself with how it is taught by Vedic pundits, so you can make an informed decision and be a discerning student.


Multiple learning resources

These courses have been put together through study with multiple teachers, each specialising in recitation, translation, philosophy, grammar and Vedic vocabulary. Additional reading recommendations are also included.


In-depth study

Examine the Vedic phonetics clearly, practice as many times as you need & understand the purport of Veda mantras as part of your svādhyāya. The level of detail in the courses is challenging to retain in a normal live class and our students appreciate the online courses as an additional support for their practice in between classes.


Discussion area

Our courses have discussion areas where you can post your questions, interact with the teacher and other students as well. I try and answer questions as quickly as my day and life will allow me!



Option to submit a recording

The most effective and essential part of the learning is receiving feedback and our courses offer the option to upload your recording as an assignment and receive feedback. I highly recommend taking this step. The effort you put into your practice in order to submit a good recording will be gratifying!


Why learn Veda recitation ?


The chanting of the Vedas is a meditative first step towards understanding this sacred literature. Handed down through śruti parampara or oral tradition over centuries, strict rules of recitation are observed, requiring your complete attention and concentration during the practice. These Vedic hymns were revealed to the great sages of ancient India, in deep meditative states and are mystical poetry that hold secrets which through recitation, study and meditation will reveal themselves. These courses help aspirants understand the deeper meaning of the Vedas and their relevance in our daily modern lives.

Discover the source texts of Yoga in a meditative way

Learn aspects of the Vedas that directly impact personal growth

Develop your ability to concentrate

Bring the mind to a calm space through this practice

Go beyond the postural aspect of yoga

Our Courses

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