Some frequently asked questions are addressed here.

I want to learn Veda, how do I start?

The way to start studying with me is to :

  1. first start by signing up to the free course on the website – it is an easy sign up process. This is a self-study course with audio, video, exercises available immediately.
  2. When you sign up for the free course, you will start receiving my newsletter and further study options.
  3. If you wish to study “live” with me on Zoom, please check upcoming free & paid classes on the calendar.
  4. Also join all the free community events offered. Everything is published in our newsletter & on our live events page.
  5. If you prefer self-study, there are an extensive number of courses, please check the self-paced courses link on the website.
Who is the teacher?

Courses are taught mainly by Shantala Sriramaiah, a student of The Challakere Brothers, Sri M.S.Sreenivasan. Please read our about page for more details.

I have been studying chanting for a long time, do I still need to study the Foundation course?

It is highly recommended to start at the Foundation course, so that you can align with how chanting is taught in our lineage and the method of learning is clear. Many of our very senior and serious students, with Sanskrit degrees and experience in teaching Sanskrit also start at the Foundation course and find it to be very useful.

I want to learn Rudram, how can I sign up?

If you wish to study the LIVE Rudram course with Shantala, which includes live classes, practice material and monthly feedback to students – you have to start at Foundation course and learn at least 2 Sūktam-s, ensure you are able to maintain “svara” and then sign up for the next program. Self-paced on demand courses are available for anyone to sign up, but it is an advanced course, make sure you know the basics before sign up.

Do you offer private classes?

While Shantala does not offer private classes herself, it is possible to contact her team and arrange any private classes with them directly:

  1. Poornima Mysore (India based) –
    [email protected]
  2. Marina Muktidhara (Slovenia based) –
    [email protected]
  3. Silke Stamp (India/Germany based) –
    [email protected]

Read more about them HERE >>


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