Teacher training program (2024)

The tradition of chanting sacred texts has been passed down through Śruti Parampara over millennia in India. To this day it continues to be a profound practice of expressing devotion, learning and imbibing the teachings of ancient scriptures and an integral part of ritual, meditation and contemplation.

Together with INDICA YOGA, we are very happy to bring you this teacher training certification to skill future teachers through a rigourous selection, training and preparation process which covers both mantras from the Veda as well as the Hindu daily prayer tradition.


Course objectives

At the end of this program, students will:
Be skilled to teach chanting practices, both from the Veda & from the daily prayer tradition in a South Indian lineage.
Be grounded in theory – nomenclature of the Veda, Vedic texts and Indic knowledge systems.
Understand all the chanting rules as presented in the treatises of Śīkṣā, with particular emphasis on Taittirīya Prātiśākhyā.
Learn how to guide and lead chanting practices for groups & individuals honouring the Hindu tradition.
Understand common mistakes made by students and practice identifying them and giving feedback in your study group.
Understand and differentiate between Mantra, Sūktam, Praśnaḥ, Upaniṣat, Stotram, Śloka, Nāmāvali, Sūtra, Stuti etc.

Course Curriculum

  • Zoom link for all live classes
    5 minutes
  • Dates & curriculum
    10 minutes
  • Introductions – meet & greet
  • Replay of TT information session
    65 minutes
  • Chanting in a lineage – an introduction
    90 minutes
  • Dress code
    10 minutes
  • Book recommendations
    10 minutes
  • Orientation session (Jan 06) replay
    90 minutes
  • Workbook – Invocation & closing prayers
    2 minutes
  • Workbook – Śraddhā Sūktam
    2 minutes
  • Invocation with Guruji Sreenivasan
    5 minutes
  • Saha nāvavatu with Guruji & Shreeraksha
    5 minutes
  • Class 1 – (Jan 08) Qualities of a teacher & student
    120 minutes
  • Class 2 – (Jan 10) Invocation mantras practice
    120 minutes
  • Class 3 – (Jan 15) Gāyatrī upāsana background
    120 minutes
  • Class 4 – (Jan 17) Teacher qualities + Gāyatrī continued
    120 minutes
  • Class 5 – (Jan 20) Finishing Gāyatrī, starting Śraddhā
    150 minutes
  • Class 6 – (Jan 22) Śraddhā Sūktam
    120 minutes
  • Class 7 – (Jan 24) Finishing Śraddhā practice
    120 minutes
  • Guest Lecture – Dr. Robert Svoboda
    110 minutes
  • Download your workbooks (Feb)
    5 minutes
  • Class 8 – (Feb 05) Śraddhā revision
    120 minutes
  • Class 9 – (Feb 07) Agni Sūktam
    120 minutes
  • Class 10 – (Feb 12) Agni Sūktam
    120 minutes
  • Class 11 – (Feb 14) Starting Medhā
    120 minutes
  • Class 12 – (Feb 17) IKS overview
    150 minutes
  • Class 13 – (Feb 19) Medhā Sūktam intensive
    120 minutes
  • Class 14 – (Feb 21) Medhā Sūktam
    120 minutes
  • Download your workbooks (March)
    5 minutes

Your Course Includes

108 hours of live classes + 14 hours additional

108 hours of live online teaching and in addition, 16 hours of student presentations & guest lectures are included in this program.

2 guest lectures

Live guest lectures from scholars in related fields.

Collaboration with INDICA

I am very grateful to offer this in collaboration with INDICA Yoga who bring the experience and expertise in the preservation and dissemination of Indic knowledge systems through authentic, immersive and transformative learning experiences.

Frequently asked Questions

Who can join this course?
The program is intensive, and it is recommended that you be studying this program exclusively to benefit from it fully. Applicants who already have an established chanting practice are invited to apply.
Applicants should have completed the Foundation course in Vedic chanting.
Proficiency in any two Sūktams as taught by Shantala.
Svara competency – a high standard in maintaining svara will be an expectation. (Audio recording of any sūktam to be sent along with application)
Mahāprāṇa sound proficiency.
Knowledge of Veda chanting rules.
Sanskrit basics – varṇamāla & basic sandhi.

The Challakere Brothers’ lineage of teaching invites practitioners to reflect upon one’s lifestyle for those who wish to seriously dedicate themselves to learning, teaching, and preserving the Veda. A vegetarian and alcohol-free lifestyle is therefore encouraged.

Can I take this course as a self-paced option?

No, this can only be studied live after following the application process and if accepted into the program. Please sign up to our newsletter to be informed of dates and details.

If I have not studied the Foundation course, will an exception be considered?

The only exception that may be considered is if you have studied in the lineage of The Challakere Brothers and can demonstrate svara competency and knowledge of rules as taught by them.

Does this course have any certificates?

Yes, those who successfully complete this course will be awarded a certificate to teach chanting. Certificate jointly awarded by INDICA YOGA & Veda Studies.

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