Ayurmantra: Understanding Well-Being

Explore the idea of wellness in the Vedas and learn a short and beautiful prayer for health (Āyurmantraḥ).The Vedas show us that health & well-being is much more than the physical aspect we tend to focus on. The mantras and prayers for health always link the body, mind, senses, vital energies (prāṇa) and awareness. In this course we will look into this completeness of well-being in the Vedas with examples. Participants will also learn a short, beautiful mantra for well-being along with its meaning (Āyurmantraḥ).


How Does This Course Work

This course includes several resources including a 2 hour video from a workshop taught online, a workbook and other audio/video resources to understand the approach to well-being in the Veda. You can learn 2 mantras:

Āyrmantraḥ : From the Taittirīya Āraṇyaka, this mantra asks the Divine to nourish, support and strengthen the different functions and organs of the human body while praying for a long, holistic and spiritually blessed life.

Āśīrvāda mantra : Mantra to bless our loved one for a long holistic and noble life.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to your course!
    5 minutes
  • Download workbook
    2 minutes
  • 2 hour workshop replay – April 2022 (with Dr.Vignesh)
    120 minutes
  • 2 hour workshop replay – Nov 2021
    120 minutes
  • 2 hour workshop replay – March 2021
    120 minutes
  • Repeat twice with group
    15 minutes
  • Practice with Shantala
    20 minutes
  • Shantala’s practice with her teacher
    10 minutes
  • Brussels class practice
    5 minutes
  • Repeat twice with group
    10 minutes
  • Practice with Shantala
    10 minutes
  • Full mantra practice
    10 minutes
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Your Course Includes

Recording of a 2 hour live workshop

Full workshop recording including theoretical introduction to Veda.

Audio Recordings

Learn Āyurmantraḥ & Āśirvāda mantraḥ


Workbook with chanting text, Vedic phonetics, meaning & all presentation material from the 2 hour workshop.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This is self paced learning course to go through at your own pace. The video of the workshop is 2 hours long. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Unlimited !! You can watch the videos and practice the chanting as many times as you like.

Can I have face to face interaction with Instructor

No, this is an online self paced course with audio/video resources. You can however ask a question in the discussion area provided in the course.

Does this course have any certificates?

This course does not offer a certificate.

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