Course bundles

For students who want to invest in long-term learning


Courses compiled in bundles


Discounted course fees


Lifetime access


Please contact us if you wish to purchase ALL courses


Instant access to all courses


Self-paced study

Study at your own pace and schedule, without any time pressure.

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The bundles give you instant access to an entire collection of course and you are free to study at your own pace, without having to worry about the schedules of Zoom classes or keeping up with a group.

Some of our students like to study independently without having to be present on Zoom or in-person.


Homework assignment

Even thought self-paced, some select courses provide instructor feedback.

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Some of our self-paced courses, mainly Veda chanting ones, offer one homework submission. This allows the student to get feedback on their progress from the instructor.

You are not obliged to send a recording through the course.

Upgrade to LIVE possible

Upgrade to a LIVE course of the same topic if and when announced.

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Should the same course you have purchased as a self-paced module be offered in an online LIVE format in the future, you can always contact us for a convenient “upgrade” to the LIVE program, without double payment.

We will simply request the difference in fee from students.


Signing up to course bundles gives you instant access to an entire collection of courses, offering a discount on course fees and resources for long term study. Usually, students who sign up to our bundles are self-motivated independent learners. You have completed study of Foundation course + Invocatory course – it is highly recommended to have studied these previously. Many of our students who are fast learners and do not wish to keep pace with an instructor led class have purchased these bundles.

What You Get


Several courses together


Multiple learning resources in the courses.


Access to ALL workshops


Access to ALL Sūktam-s


Access to ALL yoga sūtra-s chanting


Veda chanting complete course bundle

A comprehensive course bundle of 18 Veda chanting courses on Veda Studies.


All Sūktam bundle

All 11 Sūktam-s taught so far by Shantala


Rudram bundle

NO LONGER AVAILABLE as self-paced study
Śrī Rudrapraśnaḥ & Camakam


All Stotram bundle

Bundle of all 11 stotram-s taught by Shantala so far.


Yoga Sūtra-s complete bundle

Chanting and study of all 4 chapters of Patañjali’s yoga sūtras arranged in 3 self-paced courses


Prepare a study plan

With most bundles, the courses can be studied in any order. Just schedule disciplined time for study in your calendar!


Create your own study path


Study at your own pace


Gain deeper and wider knowledge of chanting


Stay focused on your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner, which bundle should I purchase?

If you have not previously studied with Shantala, it is recommended to first study the FREE introduction course, also self-study format. Then study invocatory prayers along with the Foundation Course. These courses are not part of a bundle and can be studied self-paced as well. All of the courses in the bundles will follow similar methodology, lineage and principles, therefore, all courses become accessible to study.

Is there any instructor interaction in these courses?

Many courses have a discussion area. Some select courses offer a homework assignment submission for which you will receive feedback from the instructor.

If I sign up to the self-paced course, can I also join the LIVE course if offered?

If the same course is offered LIVE at some point, please contact us for an “upgrade” to join these classes. We will request a payment of the difference in fee to join live classes.

How long will I have access to the courses?

The courses are all set up for lifetime access on the Veda Studies platform.

What is the refund policy?

As these are all self-paced and instant access courses, there will be no refunds. All sales are final.

Can I study the teacher training self-paced?

No, the teacher training program is only offered in LIVE class formats.

Looking for beginners courses

If you have not studied with Shantala previously, it is recommended to start with the FREE introduction course, followed by the Foundation course.


FREE introductionFOUNDATION course