Nitya Prārthanā – Daily Prayers

Nitya Prārthanā” is a collection of popular and well-known chants, which are not from the Veda, but from the daily-prayer tradition in India. Our everyday life, from waking, stepping on the ground (off the bed), to bathing, eating, studying, working, and going to bed, can be observed as a sacred opportunity to honour various deities, forces, and divinities. This collection aims to equip our seekers to be able to learn these short śloka-s, from various sources.


Course objectives

At the end of this course, students will learn

  1. To recite 35 short prayers from the living tradition in India.
  2. Understand a high level meaning of each prayer.
  3. Use these prayers to connect with the divine on various occasions.

This is the official companion course to the book – Nitya Prārthanā.

Vishnu murti in Hampi

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to your course!
    5 minutes
  • Download workbook
    2 minutes
  • Listen on Spotify
    60 minutes

Your Course Includes


Workbook with text in English transliteration, devanāgari, translation and suggested occasion to use the prayer.

Audio exercises

Multiple exercises to practice hymn in sections first progressing to full chant.


Explanation of meaning.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the Nitya Prārthanā printed book included in this course?

No, this is the accompanying online course. You have to purchase the book from book stores. More details HERE >>.

When does the course start and finish?

This is self paced learning course, you may start and finish on demand. It is recommended to learn not more than 2-3 chants per week for an integrated understanding of the prayers.

How long do I have access to the course?

Unlimited access.

Can I have face to face interaction with Instructor?

This is only possible if you are enrolled in a LIVE program.

Does this course have any certificates?

No, this is an individual beginner level course. It is useful study for all students and teachers of Indian Knowledge Systems based practices.

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