Śraddhā Agni & Medhā sūktam (2023)

We are happy to offer three important sūktam-s in a combination of self-practice and live classes + homework. Studying these sūktam-s prepares one suitably for more advanced courses like Rudram or the Teacher Training program. Through these sūktam-s, we will explore topics of trust in practice (śraddhā), will power through tapas (agni) & power of memory (medhā).


How this Course Works

Date and time

The course starts on Tuesday 07 November 2023. There will be 7 online LIVE classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 4.00pm to 5.15pm (Brussels time). Recordings will be made available quickly after each class.

Course level

This course is at an intermediate level and is recommended after the Foundation program.

A discussion area will allow you to post questions and interact with the teacher. As an optional assignment, you will be able to upload an audio file of your chanting for evaluation.

3 homework & self-study

Students will be required to practice the chanting in between classes and submit 3 homework in total during this program. It is not possible to learn chanting only through live classes, self-practice is a very important aspect. You will have self-paced courses with organised recordings for self-practice.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome & Zoom link
    5 minutes
  • Discussion area – śraddhā, agni, medhā
  • Download workbooks
    5 minutes
  • Homework instructions
    5 minutes
  • REPLAY 07 November
    75 minutes
  • REPLAY 11 November
    75 minutes
  • REPLAY 14 November
    75 minutes
  • REPLAY 18 November
    75 minutes
  • REPLAY 05 December
    75 minutes
  • REPLAY 09 December
    75 minutes
  • REPLAY 12 December
    75 minutes

Your Course Includes

7 Live classes on Zoom

Program dates and details (all classes at 4pm-5.15pm Brussels time):

Nov 07 – Śraddhā chanting practice
Nov 11 – Śraddhā chanting + meaning
Nov 14 – Agni chanting practice
Nov 18 – Agni chanting + meaning

(Little break for self-practice)

Dec 05 – Medhā chanting practice
Dec 09 – Medhā chanting + meaning
Dec 12 – Revision of 3 Sūktam-s

3 Self-paced courses

Self paced courses for each sūktam (with complete learning resources & lifetime access):
Śraddhā Sūktam (value €110)
Agni Sūktam (value €125)
Medhā Sūktam (value €110)

Assignment evaluations

Assignment evaluation – 3 recordings over 7 weeks will be evaluated by Shantala & Poornima Mysore (Shantala’s team member).

Discussion area

Separate course area for the cohort, with replays of Zoom classes (limited time access) + discussion area during course.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

Couse begins 07 November and ends 12 December.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will access to the live class recordings for a limited period (4 months). But the included self-paced programs will be unlimited access.

Can I have face to face interaction with the Instructor

Yes, in the 7 live classes in Nov and Dec. Not after.

Does this course have any certificates?

There is no certification with this program. These chants are fundamental learning to learn other Suktams.

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