Veda Theory Masterclass – 2

As a continuation to the first course of this series, these 12 intensive classes will cover topics from the Veda as well as from other texts and traditions that inform the living tradition. Deities, Ṛṣi-s, Vedic accents, Error correcting methods in recitation, Dharma Śāstra texts, overview of the Purāṇa-s and life & works of Ādi Śaṅkarācārya will be the main topics of this program.



The course content is based on 10+ years of intensive personal research as well as long term study with the late Prof. R.L. Kashyap, who taught me to approach the Veda-s for personal growth and inspiration through a deep understanding of the deities and their collaborative functions with humans. Dr. Kashyap was the Founder of SAKSHI, an institute dedicated to the revival of Vedic knowledge. He received the Padmaśrī award from the President of India for his contribution to Literature & Education. Prof. Kashyap also taught me how to approach commentaries and how to be discerning with translations.

The uniqueness of this course is that I am a chanting practitioner. This is central to my life and teachings. All theory I study or teach, emerges from my practice of chanting the Veda, of which I have studied a very wide range of texts from my Guru, Sri. M.S. Sreenivasan. If I understand the nomenclature and arrangement of Veda, it is because I have been taught several of those texts in the Guru-Śiṣya parampara (1-2-1 mentoring) with full understanding of the source and arrangement of those texts.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, the student will:

    • Revise the arrangement of Indic Knowledge Systems with the perspective of understanding how the living tradition is informed by various texts.
    • A special overview of the important works of Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Arya Samaj) on how to approach translations.
    • Revision of arrangement and nomenclature of Veda texts and influence of Brāhmaṇā period of Vedic texts.
    • Explore deities from Veda & Purāṇa-s.
    • Explore further the Ṛṣis of Veda and also Purāṇa-s
    • Understand the role of Vedic accents (svara) in the Veda.
    • Get an insight into the error correcting techniques built into recitation methods of Veda mantra-s.
    • Overview of the Dharma Śāstra-s & Purāṇa-s texts.
    • Life and works of Ādi Śaṅkarācārya.
Shiva linga
Shiva linga

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    5 minutes
  • Course discussion area
  • Book recommendations
    5 minutes
  • Class 01 – Revision of IKS & Bhūmika of Danayanda
    75 minutes
  • Class 02 – Veda Nomenclaure & Brāhmaṇā texts
    75 minutes
  • Class 03 – Mitra, Varuṇa, Aryamā, Pūṣān, Bhaga, Savitṛ, Uṣas
    75 minutes
  • Class 04 – Twin, dual, composite, collective devatā-s
    75 minutes
  • Class 05 – Waters, Trees, Plants, Birds
    75 minutes
  • Class 06 – Mantrarāmāyaṇa & Deities of Purāṇa-s
    90 minutes
  • Class 07 – Ṛṣi-s of Veda & later texts
    75 minutes
  • Class 08 – Ṛṣi-s and error correction in Veda
    90 minutes
  • Class 09 – Impact of Veda on Living Tradition
    100 minutes
  • Class 10 – Dharma śāstra texts overview
    100 minutes
  • Class 11 – Overview of Purāṇa-s
    90 minutes
  • Class 12 – Ādi Śaṅkarācārya – Life & works
    90 minutes
  • Introduction
    5 minutes
  • Chanting & commentary – Oṣadhi Sūktam
    420 minutes
  • Chanting & commentary – Bhū Sūktam
    60 minutes
  • Chanting & commentary – Sūryanamaskāra mantrāḥ
    60 minutes
  • Chanting & commentary – Rātrī Sūktam
    60 minutes
  • Chanting & commentary – Agni Sūktam
    60 minutes
  • Chanting & commentary – Mantrapuṣpam
    60 minutes
  • Paper on Mathematics in the Veda by R.L.Kashyap
    30 minutes
  • Play list explaining recitation methods
    80 minutes
  • Optional Quiz + Certificate
    15 questions

Your Course Includes

Recorded lectures from 12 LIVE classes

All the LIVE classes taught in May and June 2024 to a live audience are available in this course for study.

Optional quiz

An optional quiz to test your understanding is included in this course.

Certificate of completion

Those who complete the optional quiz successfully will be awarded a certificate of completion. The quiz will not involve any instructor time, it is fully self-paced on our learning system.

Frequently asked Questions

I have not studied part-1 of this course, how can I take this course?

It is not possible to sign up to study only Part-1. All students need to go through Part-1 of this course to be eligible to join this one.

I have completed the Chanting Teacher training OR I am enrolled in the 2024 Chanting teacher training – should I be taking this course as well?

This course is mostly new material I have not taught before except some small bits. You are welcome to sign up provided you have also done Part -1.

I have bought the self-paced Veda theory bundle – is this content the same or different?

This is course content has not been taught in the Veda theory bundle.

Will I be able to purchase this course as a self-paced program?

For the moment, we have decided not to offer this in a self-paced format. 

Is there any interaction with the teacher in this course?

If you are part of the cohort signed up to the LIVE program scheduled in May- June 2024, you will be able to ask questions in live classes. The instructor is unable to answer any questions sent via email etc.

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