Narasiṃha Kavacam

Śani Vrata 2023 is open to everyone signed up to this course!!

Narasiṃha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Viṣṇu in the Daśāvatāra (10 incarnations), the unmistakable and fierce (ugra) manifestation as part lion & part man. The story of Prahlāda, the slaying of Hiraṇyakaśipu and restoration of dharma is the context behind this powerful “kavacam” – a genre of prayer that effectuates an armour to shield the devotee from harm and negative forces.


Course objectives

At the end of this weekend workshop, you will:

  • Learn the Narasiṃha Kavacam – following chandas (meter) and honouring Sanskrit pronunciation. This means, a simple, non-singing method of “chanting”.
  • Understand the context of this prayer and story of Prahlāda & Hiraṇyakaśipu.
  • Offer your sādhana during on the auspicious occasion of Narasiṃha Jayanti each year.
  • Additional practice suggestions for those who wish to practice more frequently will be offered.
  • This course offers a deeper understanding to those who have been prescribed to chant the Narasiṃha kavacam as an astrological remedy as there is a full explanation of the verses.
Shiva linga
Shiva linga

Course Curriculum

  • Śani vrata 2023 – Zoom link & dates
    5 minutes
  • Replay: Śani vrata 2023 info session
    60 minutes
  • Download Saṅkalpa checklist
    2 minutes
  • Discussion area – only śani vrata related!
  • Blessings for this vrata
    10 minutes
  • Practice files for Śani vrata
    20 minutes
  • 01 Live practice with Shantala 02 Sept
    20 minutes
  • 02 Live practice with Shantala 23 Sept
    40 minutes
  • 03 Live practice with Shantala 14 Oct
    25 minutes
  • 04 Live practice with Shantala 28 Oct
    16 minutes
  • 05 Live practice with Shantala 11 Nov
    20 minutes
  • 06 Live practice with Shantala 03 Dec
    40 minutes
  • Welcome to your course!
    5 minutes
  • Download your workbook & phonetic guide
    2 minutes
  • REPLAY – 2 hour LIVE workshop
    120 minutes
  • Practice day 1
    30 minutes
  • Practice day 2
    30 minutes
  • Practice day 3
    30 minutes
  • Practice day 4
    30 minutes
  • Nyāsa practice
    10 minutes
  • Practice śloka 1-5
    15 minutes
  • Practice śloka 6-10
    15 minutes
  • Practice śloka 11-15
    15 minutes
  • Practice śloka 16-20
    15 minutes
  • Practice śloka 21-25
    15 minutes
  • Practice śloka 26-31
    15 minutes
  • Narasiṃha kavacam – full practice
    10 minutes
  • Prahlāda

Your Course Includes

Complete recording from 2 hour live workshop

The entire recording of the 2 hour workshop taught online in May 2023 is included with this course for the full “classroom” experience.


Workbook with text in English transliteration, Devanāgari and significance.

Audio exercises

Additional audio exercises for each verse in the hymn, practising in small segments to full verses, helping students of all levels learn easily.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

As a self-paced course, students can start and finish at their own pace. Those registered for the LIVE workshop will receive details to join the live class via email.

How long do I have access to the course?

Unlimited !! You can come back to the material as you please.

Can I have face to face interaction with Instructor

Those registered for the LIVE workshop being taught in May 2023 will be able to ask questions in the class. If study is through self-paced, there is no teacher interaction element to this course. But the recording from the live class is included for the “classroom” experience.

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