Vedic Chanting Introduction

Veda recitation is a sacred and ancient oral practice of chanting the mantras of the Veda revealed to the Vedic Seers following a strict framework of rules, the knowledge of which has been passed on from teacher to student over millennia. In this short course, you will be taken through the most important aspects of this practice highlighting the essence of this tradition as taught by Pundits of South India.


Course objectives

At the end of this course students will:

  • Have a succinct introduction to Veda chanting as taught by Pundits from Karnataka, South India.
  • Learn the basic framework of rules applied in chanting Veda.
  • Understand the distinguishing aspect of Veda chanting as compared to other forms of chanting/singing through examples.
  • Understand how to start and progress in this practice.
Example of the Vedic phonetics guide from Veda Studies showing all the details of rules to be followed for Vedic chanting of a mantra
Laptop screen showing how the Veda Studies courses teach in a structured step by step method
Vedic chanting teacher Shantala Sriramaiah explaining the rules of chanting with text, audio and video resources

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to your course!
    8 minutes
  • Download your workbook
    2 minutes
  • Course objectives
    2 minutes
  • What is Veda/Vedic chanting
    5 minutes
  • Chanting & singing – same or different?
    5 minutes
  • The strict framework of chanting
    2 minutes
  • A brief introduction to the rules of chanting
    5 minutes
  • What is our chanting tradition?
    5 minutes
  • A note on the precision of Vedic chanting
    5 minutes
  • Addressing the confusion on Gāyatrī mantra
    5 minutes
  • Benefits of chanting & this method
    5 minutes
  • Vedic phonetics simplified
    5 minutes
  • A fun quiz!
    0 questions
  • How can I start studying?
    5 minutes
  • The learning journey
    5 minutes

Your Course Includes

Highly structured audio & video lessons

Through a series of video & audio lessons carefully designed, this course will give you the best overview of Vedic chanting as taught by traditional Pundits of South India.


You will be able to download and keep a workbook from this course for your reference.

A fun quiz!

Test your knowledge with a fun quiz – totally optional!

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

This is self paced learning course which should take you not more than one hour to complete.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have unlimited access to this course!

Can I have face to face interaction with Instructor

No, this is an online self paced course which you can take at your own time.

Does this course have any certificates?

No, this is just a basic introduction to the practice.

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