Meditating on the meaning of Mantras – Practice practicalities


When our practices are aligned with a lineage, we receive clear instructions, allowing a distraction free sādhana to guide our lives. In the Veda Vidyalaya lineage that our chanting is aligned to, the primary focus is on the chanting, the sound, the accuracy and the devotion with which one applies themselves to this practice. This 90 minute class addresses the practicalities behind the process of memorisation and contemplation on the meaning of mantras from the Veda.


We will address the following frequently asked questions:


  • How do we meditate on the meaning of mantras while chanting?
  • Vedic chanting is so difficult, I can’t seem to chant & also reflect on the meaning at the same time.
  • During the silence between chants, what are we supposed to be thinking about?
  • Do I need to study Sanskrit to understand meaning?
  • How can I develop a prayerful life when I don’t understand the chants?
  • What does it mean to live a prayerful or devotional life?