Developing Conviction – Śraddha Sūktam


The English language does not do justice to the word Śraddha, the first of the four essential qualifications for the attainment of a high spiritual ideal – Samādhi. Śraddha is the firm conviction regarding the presence of Truth we seek within us and the efficacy of Yogic technique in enabling us to reach the goal.

Śraddha is the trust, the clarity of mind, when one sees things clearly, and one can understand which kind of endeavour best merits one’s trust. This faith sustains like a benevolent mother, supports the yogī until the very end. It is the source of indomitable energy or will.

In the Vedic literature, Śraddha is invoked and worshipped as if She is a Goddess. So we can awaken this conviction in our hearts and propel ourselves to our yogic goals.


There are 3 lessons, each with comprehensive teachings on the meaning of the mantra as well as the correct pronunciation with all details of the relevant Vedic phonetics involved. The step by step lessons will help you understand how to chant the mantra as well as understand its importance to your practice of Yoga.

There are audio recordings for the mantra, with which you can follow along like a traditional adhyayanam (teacher recites once, students repeat twice). Recordings with a student group as well as with only teacher available for practice.

Videos explaining Vedic phonetic rules are useful resources to methodically mark all the cues you need on your texts for accurate practice. There are also colour coded marked texts for your reference, so you can be absolutely sure about the phonetic rules.

In addition, there are videos explaining the meaning of the mantra and we will join the dots between śraddha as presented in the 1st chapter of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali and śraddha as presented in the world’s oldest poetry – the Ṛg Veda.