Hanumān stuti


Forming part of the prayers recited before the commencement of Rāmayaṇa Pārayaṇa (a complete reading of the Rāmayaṇa), this Hanuman Stuti is a beautiful adoration of our beloved Hanuman. His devotion to Lord Rāma is incomparable, his strength inconquerable, his personality charming as a mountain of gold. His eyes are flooded with tears of joy when names and praises of Lord Rāma are uttered. Endowed with intelligence and thoughts as swift as Vāyu, he has mastered his senses. I salute Hanumān. May we be graced with the strength of his celebrated bhakti. This is what we chant in this stuti.


Course objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the hymn Hanumān Stuti – following chandas (meter) and honouring Sanskrit pronunciation.
  • Understand the significance of this hymn.
  • Be able to practice with additional audio resources.


Your Course Includes

Recording of workshop

This course includes the full recording of the 1.5hr workshop taught to a live audience in July 2023.


Workbook with text for chanting in English transliteration,Devanāgarī and meaning.

Audio exercises

Additional audio exercises to practice the stotram in small sections for efficient learning.