Guru Stotram


The very popular ślokagururbrahmā gururviṣṇuḥ gururdevo maheśvaraḥ forms part of the Guru Stotram, a composition presented in the Guru Gītā. It is considered the means to connect with one’s personal Guru and understand the Guru principle, creating the conditions to invite transformative teachings into one’s life.


Course objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the hymn Guru Stotram – following chandas (meter) and honouring Sanskrit pronunciation.
  • Understand the significance of this hymn.
  • Understand the significance of Gurupūrṇimā.


Your Course Includes

Recording of workshop

This course includes the full recording of the 2hr workshop taught to a live audience in July 2023.


Workbook with text for chanting in English transliteration,Devanāgarī and meaning.

Audio exercises

Additional audio exercises to practice the stotram in small sections for efficient learning.