Bhū Sūktam


A beautiful hymn to mother Earth Bhū SūktamBhū or bhūmi is the globe or earth on which we live. It is a glorious place in the cosmos, for we find the marvel of life here. Combining mantras from the Taittirīya Saṃhitā & Brahmaṇa, this hymn is one of the Pañca (5) Sūktams recited together. This course also includes the teaching for Nīḷā Sūktam, an ode to the sky, who upholds our existence together with Mother Earth.


Course objectives

  • Learn the complete Bhū Sūktam & Nīḷā Sūktam along with all Vedic phonetic details.
  • Practice sections of the Sūktam in detail using all the audio exercises provided.
  • Understand the high level significance of this hymn (not a word-by word analysis) useful for meditation and contemplation.

Your Course Includes


Text in English transliteration, Devanāgari and meaning of verses.

Audio exercises

Additional audio exercises to practice in small sections for effective learning.


Ability to submit one audio recording for feedback.