Bhāgya Sūktam – the hymn of divine enjoyment


From the seventh Maṇḍala of the Ṛg Veda dedicated entirely to the mantras of Ṛṣi VaṣiṣṭhaBhāgya Sūktam is a morning mantra also known as prātaḥ sūktam or morning hymn.

Let us call Bhaga, who is strong and victorious, powered by all that is true, right and good to come and displace ignorance and all falsehood in us. Bhaga has a wealth of Truth, come and manifest for us the knowledge and energy for this Truth. May the dawn bring to us Bhaga.

This Ṛg veda mantra features the famous words Bhagavān and Bhagavantaḥ, used to signify the supreme person in later times, especially in the Bhakti literature.

Through 5 classes, we will systematically learn to recite this mantra, word by word, with complete breakdown of the Vedic phonetics and deeper meaning for contemplation.


Through 5 structured self-paced lessons, you will be able to learn the 8 mantras of this beautiful morning hymn with audio, video and textual resources. The Vedic phonetics have been explained clearly and accurately in order to honour the rigour of the Veda recitation practice. There is a discussion area if you wish to post a question and interact with your instructor.

You will be able to download resources for practice – select audio recordings, Vedic phonetic references and meaning documents. Recordings with a live class (so you can listen to common mistakes and corrections to them) as well as recordings with only the teacher (for focussed practice) are available on this course.

At the end of the course, you will have the option to upload an audio recording of your recitation for evaluation and feedback.