This is such an ancient oral tradition, how can I study this online? Isn’t it too difficult? Do I need to know Sanskrit? Shouldn’t I be face to face with a teacher to study? How can I assess how I’m doing?

These are some real questions and concerns. Online study of Veda mantras has been going on ever since YouTube has existed (I believe Feb 14 2005). Even before that, people were learning on their own with the help of radio, cassette tapes (yes, I’m that old to know this!). People want to learn. You can’t stop this.

So why not do this in a more organised way – with every nitty gritty detail you need to get the practice right. This is the spirit behind Veda Studies. Not only to make the teaching available easily to aspirants, but include ALL aspects of the oral tradition through the creative use of technology, mind and Īśvara supplied resources.

Here’s what you will get through a sincere study (almost) on your own:

  1. The best Veda chanting teachings, at the level taught by learned Vedic pundits on your device. All the details of Vedic phonetics are available to you to perfect your practice. Several learning resources – practising in short segments, then in full sentences and eventually full mantras.
  2. No expensive travel and time investment – it would be great to spend a lot of time in India or elsewhere in retreats and ashrams learning Veda chanting. But what about a continued daily learning practice? Veda chanting isn’t something to be learned in 200hr, 1 week or even 3-month retreats. Becoming a serious practitioner involves a daily rigour or practice and learning. There isn’t an easy way or a short cut.
  3. Learn at your own pace – instead of keeping up with an agenda or the rest of a group class, take your own time to learn. Learning faster or taking more time allows the practice to settle into your lifestyle. Just keep it consistent!
  4. Develop self-discipline – take responsibility for your learning and develop discipline. Veda chanting is a life-time of learning.
  5. Worried about how you’re doing – use the assignment option, submit your recording and receive comprehensive feedback. All possible with Veda Studies.
  6. Step by step structured study – at no point you will feel lost about where you are. Every mantra or hymn is divided into lessons and sub-lessons. You know exactly where you are and how you need to progress.
  7. Learnings from 4 different teachers brought to one platform – I study with my Veda chanting teacher,  Vedanta teachers, Veda theory teacher and my Sanskrit teacher to bring you these comprehensive teachings.

As a mother of small children, online study has been a life-saver for me, to follow my path while also taking care of my responsibilities. I hope this helps many others reduce the financial and travel investment of going to India or elsewhere for this study. More importantly, I hope this platform becomes your daily practice companion!