If you are a yoga student, teacher or a student of Vedanta, this mantra will probably be very familiar to you. Recited at the beginning of classes, it is an extraordinary prayer by both teacher and student to be blessed with protection, nourishment and a luminous study together, overcoming all obstacles along the way.




Here, we break this mantra down in full detail so you can learn it!

First of all, download the text along with its meaning here:

saha nāvavatu text download

You can repeat after me and learn the recitation of this mantra here:



Saha nāvavatu - repeat twice after teacher

by Shantala & Students | Shanti Mantras


For our more advanced students who are used to a syllable by syllable break up of the pronunciation, this short video will give you all the details of the Vedic phonetics involved in the recitation. You can see our famous colour coded pronunciation guide under the video!



Keep going back to the audio practice above to refine any corrections you may need to do after learning the Vedic phonetics in detail!

This video is a little extract from one of my classes in Brussels, explaining briefly the meaning and purport of this mantra.



And finally, my most favorite recitation of this mantra, my Veda chanting teacher, Guruji Sreenivasan and his brilliant daughter (who has been chanting since she was 2 years old!). Enjoy the clarity, the power, the truth and light in this recitation.