Durgā Sūktam


This hymn of 7 mantras appears in the Mahānārāyaṇa Upaniṣat of the Yajur Veda, of which 4 mantras are also in the Ṛg Veda and addressed to Agni. The Warrior Goddess Durga is seen as having the lustre of Agni, the leader of our journey to perfection. We pray that Agni leads us to happiness overcoming all states of grief. We take refuge in Durga, who is skilled in saving and takes us across
difficulties with grace.


The Durga Sūktam course is divided into 4 lessons – one per week – each week you are required to also study the key words and translations provided to understand meaning of the mantra. This is of course the recommended speed, you are free to do the course at your own pace, slower or faster as suitable for you.

Each lesson takes you through the chanting of the mantra, allowing you to repeat after the teacher and chant along with the teacher just as you would in a live group class. A text lesson of the key discussion points will also be provided, step by step, to build your own, personal home study practice.

The lesson training guides are in video and text format which will help you to listen to the chanting and also view the rules of grammar that apply to those specific mantras for perfect pronunciation.