Śānti mantras – finding your inner peace


Course objectives:

At the end of this course, students will:

Discover the nomenclature of the Vedas (arrangement of the texts).

  • Learn to chant 4 or 5 mantras for peace along with their meaning.
  • Have an overview of all the peace mantras & hymns in the Veda.
  • Understand that not all popular peace mantras are from the Veda! (with examples).
  • Discover that many Upaniṣads are actually found in the Āraṇyaka layer of the Veda!

A detailed Vedic phonetic guide is included in the workbook, along with the text for chanting in English transliteration as well as Devanāgari and all presentation material used in the videos as reference.

Mantras to chant:

Śam no mitraḥ – 2 versions from the Taittirīya Upaniṣat
Namo brahmaṇe
Vāṅme manasi
Bhadraṃ karṇebhiḥ
Tacchaṃ yorāvṛṇīmahe
Bonus material: Asatomā & Sarve Bhavatu (not Veda mantra).