The Camakapraśnaḥ consists of eleven sub-divisions called anuvākas. This hymn is generally recited after Rudrapraśnaḥ in which we ask Īśvara for very specific blessings. Swami Dayananda Saraswati says “Suppose Bhagavān were to appear in front of you and ask what you want, you simply chant the Camakam!!”

Camakam therefore becomes a request to Īśvara in His own words, because it includes everything. This course can be purchased individually or as a bundle along with Namakam. Check here for the COURSE BUNDLE.


How this Course Works

This course can be studied entirely as a self-paced course or in combination with the 6 month live program which starts in April each year. Sign ups for the live program are only possible once a year and have to be done separately. Live classes are not included with this self-paced course but can be studied at your own pace.

Course objectives:

At the end of this one year program, you will:

  • Learn the complete chanting of the Camakam along with all Vedic phonetic details. These are 11 Anuvākā-s or paragraphs along with one śānti mantra recited at the end.
  • Learn the significance of this mantra in your life and an overall meaning of each section.

Your Course Includes

Audio exercises

You will be able to study each Anuvāka in small segments first working your way up to chanting longer segments. Each segment is chanted 3 times, so you can follow along just like in a traditional chanting class: listen once & repeat twice.


Accurate text in English Transliteration, Devanāgari as well as a complete Vedic phonetic guide following the Veda Studies system.

Succinct explanation of the hymn

Videos with clear explanation of the significance of the hymn.