Author: Poornima Mysore for Veda Studies

Who is Nārāyana?


In the Veda, Nārāyana is a name given to the creator of the universe, one of many such names given to the highest universal energy in scripture. Nārāyana is all pervading and is everything that can be perceived, experienced, and known. We meditate upon Nārāyana to know the universe and ourselves as part of this creation; we learn to recognise this divinity in all beings.


Nārāyana Sūktam – a heartfelt address to the creator

This Sūktam seems almost like a continuation of the Puruṣa Sūktam and uses very similar language to describe the all-pervading cosmic energy. However, an important distinction between the two is that the Puruṣa Sūktam is a very technical ritualistic description of creation whereas the Nārāyana Sūktam is a heartfelt poetic address to the creator of everything that can ever be known.

Nārāyana Sūktam contains elaborate praise of this greatest of meditators and all that can be meditated upon. It can become a daily meditation on realising this divinity contained within us.


Nārāyana is the eternal flame of knowledge and wisdom, the source of all happiness in the universe. Contemplating upon this idea through the Nārāyana Sūktam brings the understanding that all this happiness and knowledge is contained within us. We only need to realise this truth to tap into this limitless sea of joy and wisdom within our hearts.



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