Early this morning (02 Nov 2023), my mother’s guru, Māta Ananthalakshmi Natarajan passed away and on to the lotus feet of her beloved Bhagavān Lord Rāma. She was a brilliant Sanskrit scholar and dedicated her entire life to the dissemination of Sanskrit and scriptural study. A devotee of Śaṅkarācārya, she accepted me and taught me even when she disapproved of some of my activities (Vedic chanting!), always telling everyone, I was the voice of my mother Saroja, whom she adored. She will be missed by hundreds of students in her community. She taught everyone that Jñāna has to lead to Bhakti, and without Bhakti, there can be no Jñāna. In her honour, we take the name of Rāma all day today (and everyday!). Rama Rama Rama Rama.