The Ṛg Veda contains 10552 mantras in 1028 sūktams or hymns which were revealed to about 400 Ṛṣi-s or Seers. Of these about 25 were women seers or Ṛṣikā-s. We have the privilege of studying one of these now with the Śraddha Sūktam which was revealed to Ṛṣikā Śraddha Kāmāyanī of the Kāma family, who is also the deity of the hymn.

Ṛṣikā : Śraddha Kāmāyanī 
Devata: Śraddha
Chandas: Anuṣṭubh 8/8/8/8

This is a video from last year when I practised after a long dusty travel to Mysore and at times had no control over my voice. I hope you enjoy watching me struggle through this practice! This is one of the rare occasions that Guruji Sreenivasan spoke in some English, perhaps you will already understand the corrections he makes here. Mainly he is asking me to correct a ‘very small’ error in how I pronounce the ‘ukāra’ which is the vowel sound ‘u’. Perhaps a nice challenge for you to listen to whether you can hear my error!

This can also be a practice resource when you have finished learning the mantra, for a final practice. Come back here and repeat after Guruji once you’re more familiar with the hymn!



Just as one has firm faith in the existence of oneself (we know we are real!), one must have the same level of conviction in our yogic practice. In developing śraddha, we develop the clarity to know beyond doubt, the efficacy of our practice. But that’s not all, we also develop the wisdom into which practices are leading us to the Truth. THIS is the source of incomparable energy, allowing us to have an uncomplicated, free of confusion and superbly focused yogic path. I want this. Therefore I carry śraddha in my heart. All the time. I bring my awareness to Her everyday. Learning this mantra has allowed me to understand Her. 

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