Study Levels

Level 1 – Foundation

These courses introduce the lineage’s tradition & method and are required for everyone. Those with experience should take the Live Foundation Course to receive feedback.

Level 2 – Intermediate

Students must take minimum 2 courses in this level, including a Sūktam, to be prepared for advanced learning levels. It is recommended to study as many Sūktam-s as possible.

Level 3 – Advanced

Students must know chanting rules and be able to maintain svara to enroll in these courses. Only those who studied with Shantala previously can apply for the Teacher Training.

Level 4 – Advanced +

Students will be expected to learn long portions of texts and read Devanāgari fluently to take these courses. These courses and will offer application based enrolment only.

Courses for all levels

We are offering many short form workshops, community events and also multi-week courses which are open to all levels of practitioners. If an event/course is labeled all-level, it means you don’t need any previous experience to join this event. It also means that it will be an interesting course/event for senior practitioners from the perspective of content being taught. Listed below is not an exhaustive list but just a few examples. Many of these are offered as free class and community events.

Teacher training

The Teacher training program is only open to students who have studied with Shantala previously. Eligibility includes successful completion of Foundation program and demonstrated svara mastery through completion of at least 2 Sūktam-s (intermediate level courses).

Study tracks

On the Study tracks page you can get a good idea what some of the most common learning paths are. Just like a high school student should not start with calculus before having finished algebra, aspiring chanting students should not jump immediately to advanced courses. Even students with years of chanting experience, are expected to start at the Foundation Level. But once that level has been scaled, many paths are opening up. On this page you can get a quick overview of all the Veda Studies courses and their levels.