Veda theory course bundle


3 course bundle to study Veda theoretically – key principles, deities, nomenclature, semantics etc.


  1. Veda knowledge series
  2. Deities of the Veda
  3. Overview of the Veda





Course 1 - Veda Knowledge Series - A collection of 6 classes (1 hour each) covering:

1.  Nomenclature of the Vedas
Key points of the session:
  • Briefly compare the 4 classifications – Ṛg, Yajur, Sāma & Atharva
  • How many mantras exist? Some fun facts with numbers!
  • Divisions – Saṃhitās, Brāhmaṇas, Āraṇyakas and Upaniṣads
  • Important commentaries on the Vedas
2. Principle Veda Concepts – part 1

This session will help the student of Veda recitation understand the following principle concepts of the Vedas:

  • Mantras – what are the different types of mantras in the Vedas and their differences?
  • Sūktam – etymology of Sūktam & listing of important hymns and basis to their composition.
  • Chandas – prosody in the Vedas
  • Ṛṣi – The Seers, an overview. How does one become a Seer?
3. Principle Veda Concepts – part 2

This session will help the student of Veda recitation understand the following principle concepts of the Vedas:

  • Yagña – The sacred fire ritual of the Vedas and its symbolic meaning
  • Devata – The cosmic forces or gods & deities of the Vedas
4. Yoga in Veda

We will examine some of the key concepts of Yoga that appear in the Vedas:

  • Śraddha – self-confidence
  • Smṛti – memory
  • Samādhi – total absorption
  • Viveka – discernment
  • Dhyāna – meditation
  • Īśvara – All knowledge & power
  • Physical & mental health
5. Vedic phonetics – a textual introduction

In this session, we will go over a high level introduction to the fascinating texts that define the oral tradition of Vedas with illustrative examples of treatment of syllables and their influence of pronunciation.

  • Introduction to Śīkṣa & Prātiśākhyā texts
  • How many texts are there? A little look inside these texts.
  • Some illustrative Sūtras that define the pronunciation of syllables
  • The Veda Studies system of learning!
6. The Semantics of Rig Veda

In this session, we will introduce a high level word assignment method to Veda mantras, in the way I have studied with my teachers Dr.R.L.Kashyap and his research team (lineage of Srī Aurobindo’s work)

  • Symbolism in the Vedas
  • General principles for word meaning assignments
  • A study of mantras with the word “gau” (literally meaning cow)


Course 2 - Deities of the Veda

Class 1 - Agni, Indra, Soma
Class 2 - Sūrya, Aditi, Aśvins
Class 3 - Savitṛ, Bhaga, Mitra, Varuṇa (Solar deities)
Class 4 - Brahmaṇaspati, Viṣṇu, Rudra - Śiva
Class 5 - Sarasvatī, Durgā, Śrī (Lakṣmī)

Course 3 - Overview of the Vedas

Class 1 - Vedic literature overview & Ṛgveda
Class 2 - Vedic literature continued & Yajurveda
Class 3 - Sāma & Atharva Veda
Class 4 - Samhitā, Brahmaṇa, Āraṇyaka & Upaniṣat