A complete study program on learning to chant Śrī Rudrapraśnaḥ the most famous mantra & prayer to Lord Śiva or Rudra. Considered the most important sādhana a yogī can undertake, it provides the means for gaining eligibility for the knowledge unfolded by the mantra, revealing the truth of oneself. This hymn is considered to be very efficacious in neutralising the result of wrong actions. Also known as Namakam.

This course can also be bought as a bundle along with CamakamClick here for the RUDRAM BUNDLE.


How this course works

Śrī Rudram consists of eleven sub-divisions called anuvākas. This hymn is a source of inspiration for the famous genre of nāmāvalis (name mantras). Even in the Vedas, one does not see a section like Śrī Rudram consisting of many names of the divine along with the word, namaḥ, salutation. The famous five-syllabled mantra namaśśivāya, is from this great hymn.

This course can be studied entirely as a self-paced course or in combination with the 1 year live program which starts at Śivarātri. Signs up for the live program are only possible once a year and need to be done separately (live classes not included with self-paced course purchase).

Course objectives:

At the end of this one year program, you will:

  • Learn the complete chanting of the Śrī Rudram along with all Vedic phonetic details. This is 11 Anuvākā-s or paragraphs along with a 12th closing paragraph.
  • Learn the significance of this mantra in your life and an overall meaning of each section.

Your Course Includes

Extensive practice material

Extensive audio resources to practice difficult words and sentences in this hymn separately. These type of resources cannot be found elsewhere!

Workbook with Vedic phonetic guide

Complete Vedic phonetic guide following the Veda Studies system to help students with accurate chanting. There isn’t a resource like this to learn the Rudram anywhere else!

Succinctly explained significance of the hymn

Videos with meaning of the entire hymn explained based on teachings of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.