Navarātri & Dīpāvali workshop bundle


Two mini-workshops in a self-paced bundle to learn two beautiful prayers – Yā Devī Sarvabhūteṣu (from Devī Mahātmyam) and Mahālakṣmī aṣṭakam (from the Padma Purāṇa).


Course 1: Yā Devī Sarvabhūteṣu

A short workshop format course offering an inspiring and accessible introduction to the majestic Devi Mahātmyam and structured study of the chant yā devī saravabhūteṣu. In this adoration, the devā-soffer salutations again and again, to the Devī who is in all beings as consciousness, intelligence, sleep, hunger, contemplation, power, forgiveness, modesty, peace, commitment, good fortune, compassion, contentment, error etc.

Course 2: Mahālakṣmī aṣṭakam

Mahālakṣmi Aṣṭakam from the Padma Purāṇa is an inspiring prayer devoted to Goddess Lakṣmī to invite abundance and beauty into our lives. Said to have been recited by Indra, the Goddess is exclaimed as an enchantress and the verses describe incredible visualisations that mesmerise the devotee. She grants success, intelligence & knowledge leading to liberation.

Both Courses Include

Workshop replays

Complete 2 hour workshop replay (both workshops) taught in Oct 2022.


Text in English transliteration, Devanāgari along with meaning of the hymn included.

Audio exercises

Additional audio resources to learn the chanting accurately.