Advanced beginner custom bundle


Study 3 courses:

Mantrapuṣpam – The very beautiful and meditative Mantrapuṣpam, popularly chanted at the end of ceremonies and in temples all over India holds secrets of the elements and heavenly bodies, the sun, moon, constellations, rain and time.

Gaṇapati Atharvaśīrṣam – The Gaṇapati Upaniṣat, also known as the Gaṇapati Atharvaśīrṣam is an excerpt from the Atharva Veda and honours Gaṇapati as the one supreme Truth. It is a powerful mantra to recite and is popularly chanted in India in temples and during festivals worshipping the beloved elephant headed God of beginnings.

Agni mantras of Ṛgveda – Developing Will Power is a course introducing you to the cosmic power Agni through the recitation of the first nine mantras of the Ṛg Veda. The systematic repetition of Agni mantras of the Ṛg Veda allow you to understand and develop contact with Agni, also manifested as the psychological power of Will in human beings.