Have you always wanted to study the the Vedas but didn’t know where to begin? Have you tried chanting classes but never felt sure if you were learning it the right way? Are you going to India to learn Veda chanting and would like to make an informed decision about who you will study with? Or even better would you like to simply not travel to study chanting?

We aspire to make the ancient teachings of the Veda accessible to you, through self-paced study courses on the recitation & deeper symbolic meaning of the mantras & hymns. We intend to share clearly all the rules and rigour of Veda chanting as taught by Pundits. 



We value the sharing of knowledge in a structured way, with clear learning objectives and step by step methodical lessons. All of the transmission of knowledge that takes place in a traditional ‘adhyayanam’ – the humble process of repeating after a teacher, have been replicated in our courses in creative ways – with the use of audio, video, text and colour coded texts allowing you to access all the minute details that you would receive in the presence of a teacher.

The recitation of Vedas & meaning taught in our courses are passed on as taught to me by Vedic scholars & pundits I study with in India.

Course instructor:


All of the courses are developed and taught by Shantala Sriramaiah, born and raised in Bangalore, India. She studied Sanskrit and chanting from an early age, as part of her family tradition as well as in school. Much of her inspiration comes from her mother Saroja, who taught chanting classes in their family home for over 30 years. She continues studies with various Vedic scholars and pundits and brings all their teachings to these courses.

An Engineer by qualification, she left a 20 year career as head of Human Resources to start sharing Veda recitation. All our courses reflect her long background in Learning & Development with expertise in developing clear learning objectives, structured lessons and ensuring learning quality. The courses have discussion areas for interaction with the instructor and other students, quiz and assignments for evaluation and certification with clear criteria where appropriate.

Shantala aspires to continue her family tradition while making this beautiful practice accessible to an international audience. She teaches classes in Brussels, Belgium where she currently lives with her husband and two small children.